It’s no secret I prefer wooden paddles, or it wasn’t till now.  They just feel better for starters.  You can do more with the shape, weight, flex, and over all design.  What you gain in less weight with carbon fiber not worth it here.  We paddle for numerous reasons a work out is part of that reason. With wood you can get something that doesn’t look the same as the other black off the shelf stick.  Oh they are made by hand by some person in your local neighborhood.  At least try one.

Thanks for checking us out. Walt

Paddle Blog

Just a heads up out there. Starting this paddling blog up finally. If you have questions on anything covered or not covered feel free to ask.  Be nice btw.

Paddle handles, wood ones.  I prefer wood it feels better in the hand, retains some warmth and is much easier on your hands.  I hate the epoxy and or varnish on the handles.  Well that’s it for today.

PS anyone want ot get a great work out in I will be offering some calorie killers on SUP this week.  25.00 per person bring your own board. It will last an hour.  See you on the water. Walt